Buy for Sustainability

I am pleased to announce that for those of you who are not interested in making your own beautiful recycled bags, you can now buy them online.  My online shop is www.EarthBlues.etsy.com.  I will continue to post new items on the site, so you can have a look at all of the different designs, especially as I create new ones.  While not every bag for sale is made from recycled materials, I have a commitment to using the resources that I have available to me and making high quality items that cannot be found in a factory.

Etsy.com is a wonderful site that allows small businesses to be created by artists and craftsters. Everything on the site is homemade or vintage.  Check it out.

Click on the title above to get redirected to the shop!  Enjoy.



Ecological Logic

Now here is a performer who is making sense of all of our environmental nonsense.  Rolande Duprey, a supporter of the RYP-project, has created a new show called "Ecological Logic."  The creation of this show, which premiered on 4/24/09, is what inspired the Plastic Soup entry.  The nonverbal show, using 3 puppeteers & 1 live musician, features a tremendous plastic sea through a nightmare sequence.  I hope that more schools and public libraries add this to their list of events, because it deals with crucial issues we currently face in a high-spirited and whimsical way.

Thank you, Rolande, for creating with love and concern for our world.  You Rock, Purple Rock!