Why eat great food only to take the leftovers home in an oil-product?

I support the To-Go Ware mission to encourage reusable containers and utensils when eating out or taking food out. They are popularizing stainless steel To Go containers that could go right in the oven or on the stovetop for reheating! We waste so much when getting food TO GO unless we do it right with something like what To-Go Ware has to offer. I have one, and I love it.

Plastic utensils are also a great hazard to the environment. Just consider the sheer number of them used away from home. Plus, it doesn't help that thousands of fish and sea creatures have been found with plastic utensils in their stomachs, causing them often to die since they cannot digest them.

Still not convinced? Please read Adam Starr's blog (enclosed in the title above) about the dangers of plastic utensils. They are not recyclable, and they end up in landfills or our oceans, which seems to becoming landfills of sorts, too.


WalMart charging for shopping bags, Phase out plastic test

Wal-Mart is doing a test at several stores in California. They are phasing out plastic bags. People will have to pay $.15-$2 for a bag now, which is how most other countries do it. If you forget to bring your own bag to the store, then you are charged for a new one. I applaud them for taking this leap and testing this out.

I hope this practice catches on and helps to educate people across the country about the dangers of plastic bags.

Read the full article when clicking on the title.


H&M said it would stop the destruction of merchandise & donate it

H&M responded immediately to the article in the NYTimes yesterday. They said that they would not slash any more clothing. They will donate it to charity. Let's make sure that they keep that promise!

Read the statement published in today's NYTimes. Click on the title.

Wal-Mart says that they normally donate or recycle unsold clothing, so they don't understand how this happened. Make sure it doesn't happen again.

I hope that employees have the courage to speak up it these matters, too. Consumers certainly made their voices heard! Companies must be made to think twice before they proceed with any unethical practices.


H&M, WalMart found slashing then trashing items

Not only have people found clothing in the trash by big stores, but the employees slashed the trashed items with a knife in order to make them unwearable by anyone. Read the article from the NYTimes. Click on the title.

H&M and WalMart actually paid employees to destroy clothing, so no one could wear it. There are thousands of homeless & hungry people in NYC who could use this clothing. If they do not want to donate it, is there no store that functions as place that could buy the bulk for a blanket price and sell it off for much cheaper prices to people who really need it? I will try to figure this out. How does Marshall's and T.J. Maxx work? Where do they buy their items from?