Why eat great food only to take the leftovers home in an oil-product?

I support the To-Go Ware mission to encourage reusable containers and utensils when eating out or taking food out. They are popularizing stainless steel To Go containers that could go right in the oven or on the stovetop for reheating! We waste so much when getting food TO GO unless we do it right with something like what To-Go Ware has to offer. I have one, and I love it.

Plastic utensils are also a great hazard to the environment. Just consider the sheer number of them used away from home. Plus, it doesn't help that thousands of fish and sea creatures have been found with plastic utensils in their stomachs, causing them often to die since they cannot digest them.

Still not convinced? Please read Adam Starr's blog (enclosed in the title above) about the dangers of plastic utensils. They are not recyclable, and they end up in landfills or our oceans, which seems to becoming landfills of sorts, too.

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