Local Initiative for Recycling

In order to reduce our carbon footprint with RYP (RecycleYourPants.com) we are asking communities to begin working with local thrift stores or community centers who would accept the ripped and unwearable jeans needed for this project.  If you can sew, ask your local thrift store if they would be willing to set up flyers reminding people to not throw away jeans that they think are unwearable & make sure they save them for you.  If you can't sew, then find someone willing to make them that does.  RYP is in the process of beginning this on a local level and eventually we hope to help others begin similar programs in communities across the globe.  We are looking into attaining non-profit status at the start of 2009, so that this can become a social-networking site and a community empowerment program.  The site will list both the thrift stores supporting this recycling effort and have a list of places that offer sewing class, so everyone can dust off those old sewing machines.  The more we can produce for ourselves using the materials existing close at hand, the stronger we become collectively.  We certainly have a long way to go, because we have seen many things change in this world recently.  Now we are examining how we got here.  Now we just have to envision where we want to go and demand it.  

Please support the organizations who donate to this project and thank them for being involved in such a needed movement.  Here are some of the groups who have contributed:

Our biggest donation has come from the New Fairfield Thrift Shop!  Thank You.
Contact/Location:  POB 8871 / 77 Route 39 No. / New Fairfield, CT 06812  
Hours: Wed-Fri 10-4pm, Sat. 11-3pm 
www.nfcts.com (203) 746-9247

We received an interesting donation of a bag full of pockets from 
The Thrift Mart of New Milford, Inc.  
146 Danbury Road
New Milford, CT  06776
(860) 350-2153

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