Reusable fabric gift bags - Green Christmas!

Happy Holidays to all! If you are celebrating Christmas this year, let it be green. Green is the color of life, the trees that stand full in winter, and the frogs dug deep in their mud puddles.

This is the time when consumer spending is highest throughout the year, so remember to look for gifts that have less packaging.

Here are some tips to minimize waste through all the wonderful gift-giving:

1) Make (if you know how to sew) or buy REUSABLE FABRIC GIFT BAGS! Your family and your friends can reuse them every year, so you only spend the money once & they can be utterly beautiful. You can make them look like the sack Santa carries around, or you can make them different sizes to fit the individual gift!

2) Reuse this year's calendar for the tiny presents! Just tie a pretty ribbon around it.

3) Use the comic section of the paper.

4) Bring your own shopping bag when you shop!

5) Support eco-conscious sellers online or in local stores.

6) Buy gifts from local businesses! You don't have to travel far, so you save time and gas.

7) Check out local farms who raise their own meat. Support local farms for Christmas dinner.

HOLLY, JOLLY, and JOY! Keep it green & keep it simple.

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